I am interested. What's next?

  1. Worship With Us:  If you are not attending on a regular basis we invite to start. You can expect powerful music and relevant, biblical teaching.
  2. Meet Our Staff:  Our staff is on hand each week to answer your questions or just to say hello. We would love the opportunity to meet you so please say hello.
  3. Connect & Serve:  Join a Connect Group. These are small groups that meet for 6-8 weeks three times per year. Sign up to serve. We have many ways to get involved from greeting people on Sundays to office volunteers, singing in the choir, visual design and so much more. Getting involved helps move people toward maturity in Christ, impacts the church and often our community and the world.
  4. Become a Member:  After you’ve attended for a while and feel like MUMC is your home, we invite you to become a member. There are membership classes twice a year. You can see one of the Pastors for more information regarding the process and classes.

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